Approved by Moms


Safety of children using our strollers, chairs, playpens, cots, or car seats is crucial to us.

We pay special attention to safety when designing, following applicable laws and regulations. However, to be even more sure, we carry-out tests in institutions which give their opinions on safety of functionality for products intended for children, and which inspect the safety of materials used for manufacture. Each product we offer in our shops successfully passed such tests.

The Institute of Mother and Child (IMID)

Most of us know this institute as a place where serious diseases are treated, and which gathers best specialist in the field of medicine. However, it is also one of the largest scientific institutions in our country performing scientific activities. It engages a team of experts from various fields of medicine and pharmacology. One of the Institute’s tasks, whichengages highly specialized scientific personnel, is to present opinions on the products intended for children and infants. To obtain a positive opinion of the Institute of Mother and Child, the product needs to present required general safety features, as well as general development and healthy features, thus it has to meet technical criteria as regards quality of materials or structure, needs to be adjusted to the age of a child, and consider its balanced development. All products of Baby Design brand, which have been tested by the Institute of Mother and Child so far, have received its positive opinion. That makes us proud, and is a sign for you dear moms that our products are of best quality.


Our strollers are subject to very strict tests for safety, resistance, durability and stability in the Laboratory of Material Engineering and Environment. It is the only scientific entity in Poland which offers full scope of certified tests for strollers. Thus, we have guarantee that our strollers meet safety requirements of standard PN – EN 1888:2012. The below tests are carried out, e.g.:
+ resistance of the stroller when pushing on uneven surface
+ resistance of wheels and resistance to abrasion
+ durability and effectiveness of breaks and other safety systems
+ risk of entrapment of head and other body parts of a child between elements of the stroller structure
+ durability and stability of the stroller and its all elements
+ geometrical parameters of the stroller
+ thickness of external filling of the carrycot and the seat
+ flammability and hazardous substances in materials used in the stroller structure

Positive results of these tests mean that the product is not only safe for your child, but that it is reliable and durable.

SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance)

SGS is a globally leading company as regards control, verification, testing, and certification. It is renewed as a model company in the world for its quality and reliability. Network of SGS company is composed of over 1800 branches and laboratories worldwide, which employ over 85 thousand employees. SGS Laboratory in France carries-out tests for compliance of products with European standards. We carry out the following tests in laboratories of SGS:
+ strollers – for compliance with standard EN 1888,
+ cots – for compliance with standard EN 716,
+ chairs – for compliance with standard EN 14988,
+ playpens – for compliance with standard EN 12227,
+ changing mats – for compliance with standard EN 12221,
We sent our products for tests in this laboratory before we even launch them for sale. This way, our client is ensured that the product he/she uses has been inspected in terms of quality and safety. Based on the test results from SGS, we may improve durability and functionality of our products.


The Institute of Leather Industry in Łódź as a research and development entity deals, among others, with certification and expertise for various products and plastics. Leather finishing of our strollers is tested here for chemical safety. Thus, we can be sure that fabrics used in our products are safe and free of any hazardous substances. Your child will not be exposed to intoxication or allergic reaction. Moreover, the Institute carries our tests for resistance of our fabrics to change in colour. Many are products are often exposed to strong, direct sun light, that is why it is important fabrics do not loose colour when exposed to this factor. Products intended for children must be often washed or cleaned, that is why it is important that their resistance to change in colour is higher.

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