Approved by Moms
- About the concept

About the concept

Choosing the product that will be used by the most important person in the world to us, our child, is a big challenge. It has to be safe, functional, and of course…mom needs to like it!

The problem is that shops, both physical and online, offer dozens or even hundreds of such products. How can one choose best product when even their comparison is a very difficult and time-consuming process? We have been wondering for a long time how we can facilitate you, dear moms, selection of a product suitable for your children. The conclusion was simple, and unexpected at the same time. Best source of knowledge on products intended for children comes from…moms who have already used such products!

Why shouldn’t we make such opinion available to all moms? This is how we have developed the concept ‘Approved by Moms’. We have decided to invite all the moms, who purchased any of Baby Design product, to express their opinion about it. In return, in appreciation of their help, we extend guarantee for the product for additional 12 months.

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The whole procedure is very simple. It is enough that:

  • you register your product here within 14 days of purchase date,
  • next, immediately or after a short period of use, you will assess the product logging in again to our system

Isn’t it simple?

We will assist you step by step in the process. This way, you may express opinion on each product you purchase for your baby.

Our concept, in addition to ensuring moms full access to information on opinions about each Baby Design product, on products advantages, and how it proves its functionality when in use, provides us with one more, important value. It indicates us what can be improved in products so we can meet your and your children expectations even better. It is priceless help for us!

Therefore, we would like to invite you to join moms who help us create Baby Design brand, who have actual impact on development of new products, and opinion of whom will be beneficial for next generation of babies.

przez Mamy

Najlepszymi doradcami podczas wyboru wózka, łóżeczka, czy krzesełka będą dla Ciebie… inne Mamy! Baby Design stworzyło miejsce, gdzie Mamy opiniują nasze produkty, podpowiadają, jak je udoskonalić i sprawdzają, co inne Mamy o nich sądzą. Prawda, że to przydatne? Sprawdź!

  • Zarejestruj swój produkt

    Przedłuż bezpłatnie gwarancję o dodatkowe 12 miesięcy!

  • Oceniaj zakupione produkty

    Dziel się z innymi Mamami swoim doświadczeniem i opinią o produktach Baby Design.

  • Wystarczy, że...

    ...założysz konto i zarejestrujesz produkt w ciągu 14 dni od daty jego zakupu. My przedłużymy jego gwarancję o dodatkowe 12 miesięcy, a Ty będziesz mogła podzielić się swoją opinią o nim z innymi Mamami.

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